Save up to 80% on phone calls

Why change to Othos?

Othos VoIP is cheaper, easy to setup, implement and it is for everyone!

Othos clients have enjoyed the digital quality of VoIP and saved up to 80% in their phone bills.

Real-time billing

Easy credit purchase

Easy to use

Buy Airtime online, number porting, voice quality

Othos VoIP

Save up to 80% on phone calls

Exclusive credit purchase tool – buy airtime online, anytime

Great voice quality with massive call cost savings

Geographic and Non-geographic ZA numbers

Hosted PBX with voice quality

Othos Cloud Solution

Complete PBX in a Cloud environment

Customisable to your needs

Hosted at Teraco Data Centre with electricity and connection backup

Web-based control panel

Great voice quality with the most personalized support in the industry

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Othos Telecom

Othos is an international telecommunications company specialised in providing IP-communication solutions. With branches in South Africa, Brazil, Costa Rica and Hong Kong we provide a world-class Cloud PBX Solution without hassle and expensive installations, all together with the cost efficiency of VoIP.

Othos South Africa started in 2011 and we spent 2 years just studying the market needs to come up with the complete, affordable, hassle-free and customisable Cloud PBX that South Africans need. Our overseas knowledge, merged with our South African experience, allows us to ensure the best and fastest service in the industry with an unbeatable Business Model. Innovation and quality run Othos. New ideas, constant development and customised solutions to offer the best call quality with the most affordable prices.

We also understand that businesses today are dynamic - requiring speed and mobility - that’s why Othos offers solutions that allow you to be connected to your phone system in multiple devices and locations. Providing services to clients in over 20 countries, we keep growing our foot-print moved by the best VoIP engine in the industry.

We do believe in excellence, and our support team works to deliver it. Transparent and straight to the point, Othos support is always there. The complete solution, that’s what you can expect from Othos. From internet-connection and networking to phones, headsets and computers, we can tailor the perfect package for your business and be your all-in-one Telecom provider.

 Great voice quality with the most personalized support in the industry

Why Othos?

We believe in providing the most cost-effective, full world-class PBX and IP-based solutions, to businesses and call centres, both big and small. Whilst competitors charge fees per extension, for extra storage, installation, configuring new phones – among hundreds of fees – we just don’t.

Quality is primordial and the key of our success. Great voice quality with the most personalised service support in the industry.

We are transparent and fast. There are no hidden costs and we don’t tie people up to tricky contracts. Our clients stay with us because we deliver incredible, fast and complete services – and not because a paper says so.


Great voice quality with the most personalized service support in the industry!

Hosted PBX - OCS

A complete PBX in a Cloud environment – meaning no investments in expensive hardware. OCS enhances communication and productivity by providing a range of advanced features and functionalities.

  • Activity Reports
  • Auto attendant (IVR)
  • Hunting groups
  • Call recording
  • Conference room
  • Call forwarding
  • Music on hold
  • Extremely customisable
  • Listen and whisper function

The Power of integration

Integrate branches and devices and manage your PBX through a complete, but easy and intuitive, web-based Control Panel.

World class pbx, fast and reliable

Othos VoIP

Othos took its time to create a unique VoIP platform built for the South African market and projected to run perfectly with South African infrastructure. Our platform deals better with internet traffic, allowing clients to have great call quality even with low bandwidth. Othos VoIP combines efficiency with quality, and cheap call rates.


  • Online Portal

    Buy airtime online anytime. Real-time Billing.

  • VoIP

    HD quality. Digital high definition call quality. The perfect sound for your business.

  • Savings

    Save up to 40% on SA calls. Save up to 80% on International calls.

  • Numbers

    Port your existing number. International DID.

What do I need?

If you already have your SIP compliant dialer/PBX, you can enjoy all the functionalities of our VoIP platform to optimise call quality and cost savings.


Uncapped calls + Hosted PBX from R1500/month, with speeds of up to 200Mbps.

The ePBX is the perfect solution for small businesses. It is a cost-effective world-class solution combined with Othos’ prime voice quality and support. You pay a fixed monthly fee for unlimited VoIP talk time to all SA destinations + 10 extensions Hosted PBX with main functionalities.


  • Unlimited talk time to all SA destinations
  • Full control on telephony expenses
  • Assists with budget planning
  • Main PBX functionalities already included on basic package
  • PBX packages that suit your needs
  • Comprehensive deal structure
  • The most cost-effective phone system in the industry

Main functionalities

  • 10 10 extensions
  • Call Transfer
  • Ring Groups
  • Call Divert
  • IVR
  • Voicemail*
  • Call Report
  • Local and Mobile extensions


  • Call recording
  • Time condition
  • Conferences
  • PIN code
  • Block numbers
  • Activity reporting
  • Flash Operator Panel
  • Multiple incoming/outgoing numbers


Automated voice messages and voice broadcast is ideal for sending alerts, notifications, reminders, promotions, surveys and more. An efficient and cost-effective way to reach subscribers. Fully customize communication by sending pre-recorded voice messages that are delivered to the recipient as a standard telephone call.


  • Broadcast

    Too many to call? We deliver your message when the client answers the phone.

  • Survey

    Get to know who is interested. We broadcast and capture the answers.

  • Hot Transfer

    Press 1 to talk to an agent NOW. We broadcast and connect the hot lead to you.

  • Full Report

    Get to know what happened to every call, even the ones that didn't connect.

  • Call Prompt Customization

    Our AVM solution is fully customizable, allowing you to create unique surveys.

  • Billing Platform

    Your credits loaded in 10 minutes through our online portal + Real-time itemized billing.

World class pbx, fast and reliable


  • Pay only for recipients reached
  • Communicate high-value, time-sensitive data and save on agent resources
  • High outbound capacity
  • 100% cloud, no hardware or software installations required
  • Reduce non-revenue generating inbound calls and increase contact centre service levels
  • Improve response rates with personalised messages or customised offers

    Per Second Billing

  • 1 second connected, 1 second paid
  • No non-sense per message billing
  • Start as low as R0.011 per second
  • 100% cloud, no hardware or software installations required
  • No monthly fees or any software/hardware purchase

Othos Secure Line

Protect your call activity from curious ears with unique and exclusive network that allows you to enjoy true privacy. Make encrypted calls from your smartphone, SIP phone or computer. Othos creates an exclusive encrypted network for your confidential calls. Within your network, all calls and recordings are encrypted.

  • SIP device encryption

  • Encrypted calls

  • Encrypted recording storage

  • Dedicated machine

  • VPN

  • SLA (uptime and support)

  • PBX Functionalities

  • Server and network encryption

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